QRex is a field data collection tool based on QGis and PostGIS.  It was developed by the FP7 project 'Tiramisu' in 2014/15 and released early 2016.  


QRex is the QGis implementation of the tool called TRex and developed during the project Tiramisu.  As it was not meant to be limited to a specific software but rather open to different systems we have made this distinction in the name.

QRex is based on free open-source software widely used in the world and more specifically among the GIS users.  

QRex and all its components run indifferently on Windows, Linux or OS X.  

QRex is basically nothing more than a QGis project file linked to a database hosted in a PostGIS server.  It uses the regular functions of QGis and some functions provided by plugins among the most common.  



We distinguish two user levels: the regular user and the admin.  

The regular user is expected to have at least a basic knowledge of QGis before to start working with QRex, and to have some general understanding of GIS. 

The admin user is expected to be able to manage a SQL database server (PostgreSQL) and have some basic knowledge of PostGIS programming.  The admin user is required at least for the Installation of the whole system, but after that the regular user will be autonomous. It is also likely to find a service provider for this phase, but this is not yet decided.


Warning : the tool will be avaiblable for download from this website shortly. In the meantime, please contact Didier Peeters at IGEAT if you intend to use QRex (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).